Top 5 best street food in Chennai

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is famous for its diverse and delicious street food. Nowadays people are more passionate about taste & variety, and this thought has transformed the street food journal. 

India is famous for its wide range of street food stalls and in particular metro cities like Mumbai & Chennai reflect their culture & taste in street food.

Top 5 best street food in Chennai
Top 5 best street food in Chennai

Five-star restaurants & rooftop hotels won’t give us the experience that street food provides, this unique experience has its own fan base for street food. In earlier days, Street food was home to bachelors & middle-class families but now it started attracting customers from every class for its taste.

Most of us are concerned about cleanliness, street food delivers that the way we expect and it gives satisfaction as well to its customers at an affordable price. This unique experience & feature has transformed Chennai into one of the best places for street food. Now let’s look at the top 5 places where you can find the best street food in Chennai.

Most of the Metropolitan cities’ afternoon lunches are also available as street food. Chennai is one of the best options for street food. It also emerged as 2nd Favorite city for Street Food lovers in a survey conducted by The National Geographic Channel.

Best street food in Chennai – Mylapore:

When we talk about Mylapore, the first thing that strikes our mind is The Khablishwarar & Karpagambal temple and the local markets around temples Four Mada Street which is famous for its everyday trading. Apart from that there is one common thing that attracts youngsters and Families who have spent quite a lot of time around the temple pond with their kids after darshan.

Apart from darshan, people often come to Mylapore to shop around the local market and have some of the best street food in Chennai which is considered as family time for most of the Chennai crowd. If you want to experience the holiness and Tamil food all in one spot, then Mylapore is the perfect place to go. Here are two people’s favorite street foods around Mylapore.

Kalathi Rose Milk Shop

Its almost 100-year-old shop located at East Mada Street in Mylapore is known for its best street food in Chennai like rose milk . It started as a small shop that distributed Newspapers & Kulfi in earlier days which now became one of the most iconic places in Chennai for street food. During the scorching summers of Chennai, this shop offers the best Rose milk for families & youngsters at affordable prices of Rs.15 per glass & Rs.60 for a bottle. Apart from their signature rose milk they’re serving other beverages as well. Overall it’s must visit place for it’s ambiance according to the customers & local’s around Mylapore.

Kalathi Rose Milk - best street food in Chennai
Kalathi Rose Milk – best street food in Chennai

Jannal Kadai (Window Bajji Stall)

The name itself describes that as a must-visit place which provides a pleasant & charming atmosphere. What makes this eatery unique is that it’s a family which runs the Bajji shop through their window. The place is one of the best street foods in Chennai.They serve a variety of Bajji with tradition & you will be surprised how fast they serve the bajji. If you’re planning to visit this place during the evening time then it’s time for a feast as they provide Idli, Dosa alongwith bajji.

Jannal Kadai - best street food in Chennai
Jannal Kadai – best street food in Chennai

Best street food in Chennai – Egmore:

Alsa mall Bread Omelette & Sandwich shops.

If you’re looking for a place to go for shopping or window shopping and want to have a quick snack, then you must visit Alsa Mall which is popularly known for its Bread Omelette & sandwich.

It’s one of the best street food in Chennai location that serves unique bread omelet & sandwich which you can’t find anywhere else in Chennai. For most of the Chennai crowd it’s more of Breakfast and quick snack at an affordable price with traditional taste.

Notable trading concern in this shopping mall is that people who own Bread Omelette & Sandwich shops earn more than the rented shops inside the mall which everyone agrees to. This place has a separate fan base for its food & ambiance.They serve a variety of Veg & Non-Veg sandwiches and a variety of flavored bread omelets. Mall has three different entrances and you can find these shops all around the mall.

So, if you’re near Alsa Mall and craving a flavourful bread omelet, be sure to check out these stalls!

Best street food in Chennai – George Town Sowcarpet:

It’s the second home for people from North India. Sowcarpet is a bustling market area in North Chennai, known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse street food offerings. It is a predominantly commercial and residential area with a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century.

Sowcarpet is a foodie’s paradise, with several street vendors selling a variety of snacks and sweets. Some of the most popular street food options include Chaat items like Aloo Tikki, Papdi Chaat, and Bhel Puri, Samosas, Kachoris, Hot Jalebis, and many more.

Kakada Ramprasad

If you want the flavors of North India at one place like the best street food in chennai then Kakada Ramprasad is the place for you to visit. They offer wide range of sweets & variety of Savory snacks to locals & visitors. It’s one of the best budget friendly place you can find in Chennai which serves from Rs 200 to Rs 400 deserts & meal. Kakada Ramprasad is highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth or anyone looking to try traditional South Indian delicacies located near sowcarpet Police station.

Anmol Lassi Wala:

Anmol Lassi is a popular lassi shop located in Sowcarpet. They’re well-known for its variety of lassi Flavors and toppings apart from that they serve the best buttermilk in town with best aroma. you can choose from a wide range of lassi flavours, including classic flavours like Mango, Strawberry, and of the Chilled best street food in Chennai, Each lassi is made by blending thick yogurt with the chosen flavour and adding a sprinkle of sweetness which served in big glass just for Rs 150.

Anmol Lassi - best street food in Chennai
Anmol Lassi – best street food in Chennai

Mehta Brothers Mithai Wala:

Whether you’re craving classic favorites like gulab jamun, jalebi, or barfi, or looking to try something new and exciting then Mehta Brothers is best place for you to visit. They’re well known for their Muruku sandwich which is must try best street food in chennai. With just Rs 100 you can have best sweets or savoury in Mehta brothers.

If you think only these are best places in Sowcarpet then you’ve underestimated this place. There are many more shops & street food stalls well known there and we handpicked only few for the review. It’s endless place for street food stalls and it can’t be restricted to few numbers.

Best street food in Chennai – Burma Bazaar

 The other side of chennai city is burma bazaar. The market was started by burmese refugees in the early 1960’s near chennai beach railway station. It is one of the largest unorganized markets in India.Here you can find all your needs like electronics, toys, perfume,cosmetics,groceries and tasty burmese food. Particularly the second line beach road we can find the famous burmese food stalls that serve Atho,mohinga khao soi. The Authentic Burmese dish is called Atho. The following shop is one of the best street foods in chennai.

Atho Men

     This shop is located in G.A. road. They serve the Famous Burmese noodles called Atho.The handmade thick burmese noodles mixed with raw veggies and egg and some portions of soup are called Atho.This shop makes one of the best street food in Chennai called best Atho in the City. Apart from atho fried onion, boiled egg is another signature dish and They operate in the evening.

Best street food in Chennai – Marina Beach

Asia’s second largest beach,the wave sound and breezy air makes you feel and calm your thoughts.You can enjoy more best street food in chennai available in the bay after enjoying the sea waves and the play in the Beach sand.

Over here all spectrum of People shall enjoy the best street food in chennai starting from Sundal,Sugar candy,Samosa,Bajji and array of seafoods,noodles,chat items etc.Cost of these Foods shall start from as low as to Rs.10 and goes up to few hundreds,thus it make the Marina beach one of the favorite destination for all kind of people from the society to spend their leisure time and savor all the best street food in chennai in one place.

Titanic food corner:

Noodles are best street food in Chennai also, in rode side you can finr one noodles shop and chat shop. Like that Titanic shop is well-known Chinese food shop in Marina beach, in the evening they provide hot sizzling Chinese noodles. Veg and Non veg varieties are available; many customers are fan for their noodles and authentic Chinese dishes. Evening only the shop will open, we can eat the tasty food with breeze beach air with wave sound.

Sundari Akka Kadai

      The shop is known for its variety of Seafood and Non Veg meals. We can call best street food in Chennai also south india’s best street food place.They have been serving the People with their Homemade Non Veg and Veg meals for the past 15 years.They Using only the groundnut oil for cooking and frying items.Their main ingredients all are homemade. The place is very hygienic and the price of the food is reasonably good. We can taste different kinds of seafood varieties like fish, prawns, squid, and crab, egg also over here. The fishes are very fresh and tasty.

Marina Beach road

                   I personally called Marina beach road is all time favourite best street food in Chennai .This is the place for all age categories, and financial categories , small onion samosa, patani manga sundal, panju mittai,many varieties.The road will cover all the people’s taste buds.

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  2. Wonderful article covering the major areas with special food items that are really famous and also tasty. I have tried foods almost in all the shops of sowcarpet. A useful article for the person who may be new to Chennai but a die heart food lover.

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