Top 8 must-try amazing International Cuisine restaurants in Chennai

“Food is the ingredient that binds us together”. Everyone agrees with this quote. No matter where you are or who you eat with, food is always like music with which you can communicate with each other in harmony when you are having a really good time. Don’t limit your taste buds to just food you are accustomed to, or you are comfortable with; think out of the box and try out all cuisines around the world. 

We have modern technology and aids gifted to us just to explore the world and places around us. One thing which we can easily be promised is that even though we may take time to take a tour of the world we will be able to taste the foods around the world with the help of these restaurants and food joints. 

Home to temples, dosa and beaches, it is also a place where history has been made. Wondering what place I am referring to? None other than Namma Chennai. Chennai offers a great urban lifestyle with good healthcare, education and great food.

Absolute Thai Restaurant – Amazing international Cuisine (Thai):

Established in 2014 in India, Absolute Thai provides authentic Thai food made the traditional way. The place is aesthetic with beautiful antique handcrafts,sculptures, paintings and plants.

The items in the menu are in Thai with an easy to understand English meaning for the same. Their menu is a home to a variety of authentic thai starters, soups, salads, stir fries,curries , rice, noodles and desserts. To wash away your food or to just calm down your nerves they have Thai tea varieties too. 

Ever heard about glass noodles? Then you must definitely try their Gaeng Jued Woonsen. Its basically a thai clear soup with glass noodles in it which tastes absolutely divine.

Absolute Thai - International cuisine ( Thai )
Absolute Thai – International cuisine ( Thai )

Kim Ling Speciality Chinese Restaurant – Amazing Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is notable for generous usage of seafood, vegetables and fruits. The Chinese do not like fried food mostly, they use less oil even in frying. That being said they don’t limit the spread, but they offer a wide variety in the selection. Chinese food expects certain criteria to be met which are presentable appearance which they call -se,pleasant flavor -san and inimitable taste -wei.

Kim Ling is a classic chinese restaurant which has been serving authentic, delicious chinese food for over 20 years in chennai. The interiors are dim red lighted and there are chinese idols around the restaurant. There is a wide range of red meat, white meat, seafood, vegetarian options for the customers. To start with a good appetizer you can try Lung fung soup followed by Kaichi chicken which tickles your taste buds and marks the beginning of an excellent food course. The roasted beef barbeque sauce is a must try for beef lovers. This amazing place offers food for the soul

Burma Atho Kadai – Authentic tasty Burmese cuisine

For those who aren’t aware Burmese cuisine has strong, pungent flavors and uses a lot of simple and fresh ingredients, tropical fruits and peanuts. They go big on spice levels and sourness too. Hey its definitely a must try cuisine as it gives a tingling taste on your tongue. Burmese food also features noodles in many forms, as fry or dry noodles,noodle soups or even in salads. Surprising right?

Burma Atho kadai has been in chennai for more than 3 years now and they have been consistently giving excellent, clean and tasty authentic burmese food. Their egg moinga is a must try.

Mezze – Middle eastern cuisine

Middle eastern food is rich in flavor. Middle east cusines use aromatic and flavourful spices in a generous way. Spices like cumin, cardamom, harissa which are strong, highly flavorful savory spices that give a variety of taste and color are used in all their cuisines. Their dishes include a lot of garlic, olive oil and zaatar. The common dishes include a wide variety of mezze or bread dips, stuffings and side dishes such as hummus, falafel, tabouleh,labaneh and not to forget the yummy baba ghanoush.

Mezze as the name means a variety of hot and cold dishes, offers a wide authentic middle eastern menu. They offer a variety of fresh salads like Fattoush, Tabbouleh and the not to miss watermelon feta salad. Then we can deep dive into their hot mezze starters which are offered in small as well as large plates. As their name suggests they offer an enticing variety of cold plates too. The cold beetroot borani is a not to miss item in the menu. Lamacuns which almost mimic like a thin crust pizza is an authentic Mediterranean turkish thin crust flatbread with bustling flavours of sauteed veggies in olive oil and spices.

Mezze - Middle eastern cuisine

Fromage – french cuisine 

Can you really believe that just like we have different cuisines across our country there are different cuisines throughout France one for each region.  French meals are usually very long and snails and oysters are their common delicacy. Their humble staple Baguettes are loved by soup and bread lovers all around the world. The french take their baguette very seriously and they like strict rules to be followed in order for a loaf of bread to be called a baguette. 

Fromage means cheese and you want to find the cheeziest place in town, then it has to be Fromage offers authentic french soup, and the smoked tomato basil soup speaks volumes about the french and their soup. Their bruschetta 4 ways in the starter is a must try. Chicken Lasangne is very flavourful and the stuffing under each layer of pasta feels like digging in to find the tastiest ingredients. Dont forget to taste their Death by chocolate cake which is absolute bliss for chocolate lovers.

Kuuraku- religiously authentic Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine encompasses their regional and traditional foods of Japan, which have developed through centuries of political, economic and social changes. There is so much food in Japan besides sushi, tempura and ramen. Japanese food offers an abundance of gastronomical delights with a variety of regional and seasonal varieties of dishes. A typical Japanese dinner may include rice, soup, pickles, salad, protein and vegetable dishes. 

Kuuraku is a hidden gem in chennai and they are all about lip smacking dishes.  Their Yaki-Tori combo is a perfect meal with complete covering of all the essentials of a Japanese meal. Yaki- Onigari is grilled rice balls served with a variety of accompaniments. Their signature Tompeiyaki is an egg roll with pork and vegetables inside which is an absolute delicacy. They offer 22 items under Yakitori which is a mix of both veg and non veg items. They offer home baked cheese cake as dessert which gives a final completion for your dining experience.

Aeseo Korean Restaurant – Korean cuisine 

Korean cuisines are largely based on rice, vegetables and seafood and surprisingly dairy is largely absent in traditional korean diet. Traditional Korean meals are famous for the number of side dishes offered for the rice. The very healthy kimchi is loved by all around the world which is salted and fermented veggies just like our pickles but loaded with a lot of probiotics.

Bibimbap is a bowl of white rice topped with namul or kimchi and gochujang is a popular Korean dish. If you feel confident in your korean words they have a beautiful start and end to a meal by saying “jal meokkessumnida” which means” i will eat well” and end your meal by saying “jal meokkessumnida” which means indeed you have eaten well. 

Aeseo is a place if you have never eaten Korean food and want to try. You can taste good beef and perfectly cooked chicken or even you can taste delicious soju and yummy iced tea. Their  Mul-naengmyeon is noodles made with buckwheat and starch that is served in chilled beef broth with pickled radish, sliced korean pear and a hard boiled egg. Their Bulgogi-deopbap is a stir fried beef served on a bed of rice.

grilled pork belly samgyeopsal

Ottimo Cucina Italiana – Italian cuisine

Everyone can agree to the fact that Italian cuisine has a huge fan base compared to all the other cuisines of the world. Be it pasta,pizza,wine or the gelato, Italian food is simply the most loved and best in the world. Italians keep their food waste to a minimum due to the simplicity of their dishes.  Do you know that traditional italian pizza always has a thin crust, and there are more than 600 different pasta shapes. They consider walking while eating very disrespectful as they think its very disrespectful to the person who spent a lot of time cooking the food.

Ottimo Cucina Italiana is perfectly Italian in all ways.  They offer a uniquely distinct antipasti which is available both in traditional and new concept ways. Their poached white asparagus with pecan nut, blueberry, mayo and orange is a absolute delect. Their Zuppa di fungi E Tartufo soup is definitely a silky puree of assorted mushroom with a hint of truffle oil. You can never get enough of their pasta, ravioli, piatti or pizzas. Dont forget to treat your taste buds to their enthralling desserts and cheeses.

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