Successful Youtuber – Top 10 proven ways to become a famous Youtuber

“More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin” says Orrin Woodward.

Are you a positive person who is better or wants to get better at social skills and a
pro in time management? Don’t give a second thought you should become a
successful youtuber . You heard it right, start a youtube channel, be it for passion, fame, money
or brand establishment. You will get a hang of all the above skills very easily over
the course of time.

Top 10 proven ways to become a famous and successful Youtuber
Top 10 proven ways to become a famous and successful Youtuber

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. People want to look,
learn something, get the latest news, want to be entertained etc. It definitely needs
not to be done only by famous personalities in TV or media, it can be even done by
you and me. It helps people connect with you on a more personal level. The videos
you make and share can carry emotions, gestures, facial expressions and your
voice, which points out your thoughts even more.

There are a few things that we have to start with for getting the right bang. Here we
are going to see how and what are the steps we need to take care of while
establishing our own youtube channel.

How to become a Successful Youtuber in India :

Your online personality is in your hands, so shape it the way you want others to see you.
Remember to present yourself in the most authentic way. You have only one chance to
build trust, hence focus on recommending and promoting products that are

Keep in mind to provide value to the audience. Share your thoughts in a more
engaging and informative way. The basic idea is to get better each time you upload a new
content. Start by outlining what you want to achieve by establishing your youtube
channel. Do you want to help people, or show them how to do things, or share stories
and entertain people? Identify your purpose.

Become a successful youtuber

The first most important point that needs to be sorted out is what is your basic idea of
starting your youtube channel. Is it for entertainment or education? It can be even for
your business or for establishing your personal brand. So to put it straight “ Know your
Why?” This question if answered properly, rest of the things fall into the right place with
a little help and clarity. Look at the content of other successful youtubers in youtube and you can try creating something similar or something different that addresses the pain points or
interest of the target audience.

Pick your Niche :

Identify what you are really good at. What is your speciality ? what will make your videos
very special from others. Develop your idea from this. Making videos based on this will
make you more focussed and help you to set your goal and moreover help you identify
where your interest lies really.

Start by having a clear idea of the industry based on which you are going to make your videos. Choose your niche based on your interest or expertise. Why do we need to do this? Because this will help you to stay organized,
start strong, maintain consistency as well as attract relevant audiences. For example if
your expertise is fitness then you can focus on fitness and healthy eating as well
because both are related to each other.

When you are focusing on a specific niche it will help you expand your knowledge in those and make you become a true expert. Added bonus is that it will help you to consistently produce content. Remember to diversify your niche as you progress. Point to remember is don’t try various ideas first, pick your niche and stick on to it first.

Content Schedule:

Having a consistent schedule will help you keep things manageable. A great start would
be a weekly one. Try to stick on to it so that you keep your subscribers engaged and as
well make them feel intrigued. If you want to become a successful youtuber then consistency is the key.

Title and Thumbnail:

Before you jump into a title, there are a few basic steps that will help us come out with a
better and most reachable title. We need to find out what most people search for using
the same tools(Google, Youtube).

Title selection is to be done first before we jump to
start shooting as the title is the one which is going to help us get people to view our
videos. Using easy to spell/type words should be kept in mind while writing a title for the
video. We should always relate the title to the content.

Thumbnails should always focus on your face and don’t forget to add youtube logo and
your logo. The thumbnail attracts the viewers, making them curious to know what’s there
in your video to click and watch it. Hence make it work by spending the right time to
make it work.

Shoot the video:

Planning well before starting to shoot is very important. Camera, editing software and
internet connection are all the basics for shooting a video. Shoot the video on any place
of your convenience with proper lighting, dedicated space. Always remember to deliver
valuable information which holds the audience attention as much as possible.

shooting the video - Become a successful youtuber
shooting the video – Become a successful youtuber

Create the video content that you, yourself would love to watch. Always be honest and brutal.
Remember to create videos that are enjoyable, quickly solves the problem and
entertaining as well. “No one has all the time in the world to watch our video”, hence
make it short, sweet and to the point entertaining.
All we have to keep in mind is that it takes time, dedication and commitment to become a
successful youtuber.

Consistency is a must for a successful youtuber :

Now that we have made our first video and uploaded it in our youtube channel, the next
most important thing is to upgrade your videos and consistently post the videos
continuously. Remember we get a chance to improve ourselves too during the process.


Analytics are very important for making successful videos. Go through the analytics
provided by youtube itself. Identify what is working and what is not and what needs to
improve in our videos. Remember continuous effort to improve holds a key role in

Analytics - Become a successful youtuber
Analytics – Become a successful youtuber

Youtube Cards & End Cards:

With the help of the analytics provided by Youtube, knowing the viewers dropoff point
and creating a youtube card at that specific spot which is a link to another video will
definitely help. End Cards are the one which is a card that carries a link to another video.
Placing end cards 5-20 seconds before the last of your video will help you get more
views on your other videos as well


Remember not set up your youtube channel just based on ads as it may not help you in
getting viewers. Work on it as you progress. Patience plays a major role and always
repeats the mantra that it will take time to succeed. Enjoying the journey of shooting
videos, editing and uploading it in your channel will help you to keep yourself motivated
to do more.

Monetization - Become a successful youtuber
Monetization – Become a successful youtuber

Marketing is a key skill for a successful youtuber :

Your title should be engaging and a must see title. Just don’t go with one, but create
many and then select a compelling, concise, descriptive and short title. Remember that
the title and description attracts your audience.To come up with a good video title first
identify the central idea of your video, search for short and descriptive keywords or
phrases that address the theme. You can also take the help of YouTube SEO. If your title
answers the most important question for viewers then it’s a hit.

Optimize your videos by selecting the right keywords.Engage with youtube
communities, use tags to promote your videos. You can also cross promote your videos
in videos by commenting your link on related youtube channels where the viewers might
be intrigued to see what is available in your channel. You can run a contest or giveaways
for people who like, comment and subscribe to your channel. You can also try your talent
on live streaming.

Marketing - Become a successful youtuber
Marketing – Become a successful youtuber

Try promoting your videos in youtube communities posts.
Your profile information carries more value, so optimize your description by adding
keywords that will give more value. Select your brand logo as a visually appealing one.

Always remember to limit your video time. People are not interested in draggy and long
videos which do not address the problem quickly. If your video is short, sweet and to the
point people will start sharing your videos.
Request your subscribers to comment, reply to them soon, connect with them regularly
and request them to share. Remember that subscriber friendly content will help multiply
your subscriptions fast.
Be everywhere, yes that’s right, market your youtube channel be it twitter, pinterest,
facebook or Instagram, advertise it to reach more. You can include the link of your
video in slide share presentations.

Do a mini promo video on facebook and link it
back to your youtube channel. Also you can integrate your video in your blog content.
Promote it on Google+, LinkedIn groups and communities as well. You can also use
Reddit for getting youtube views. Never feel shy to market your content.
To summarize, do it passionately, consistently while enjoying what you do. Don’t
hesitate to create 100s of videos without focusing on views/ money.

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