Influencer marketing is always a powerful weapon for marketers but after 2020, it has gained a lot of popularity in this digital world. From small businesses to big enterprises use influencers as a medium to reach their products quickly to worldwide customers. 

Marketing is an evolving field where one should keep up with the updates to attract customers. Now the trending technique is influencer marketing since most people are active on social media platforms to pass the time, especially during the lockdown period. Taking this as an advantage, many brands wanted to make their products’ presence on the platforms while it reaches the customers much faster than the traditional marketing.

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But what about the brands which still ignore this wonderful opportunity?

It would be better if they adopt the changes to survive in this dynamic digital marketing world. Taking up these changes could help in building the trending content strategies and as a brand, it will boost the sales and improve the brand’s status among the audience.

When we say influencer marketing, we mean it. To make you understand, Nowadays, Customers believe in influencers a lot because of the authenticity and sincerity they hold. They will bring you potential customers and also trust for your brand will increase day by day. In this process, influencers play a crucial role in taking your brand’s name to the next level.

There are a lot of points to consider that answer the question why is influencer marketing an important factor for your brand? Let’s dig deeper to know more about it.


Influencer marketing is proved to be an effective way of increasing the brand’s awareness among the audience. It is one of the best strategies to take your brand to a huge audience.

Influencers have great popularity among their followers because of their knowledge of the chosen niche. With this knowledge, they deliver high-quality content to educate them. Most importantly, they have conversations with the followers and be engaged with the audience. These qualities can help brands by mentioning them through the content which will increase the brand awareness among the followers.

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The word Influencer best suits them. They influence a huge audience in the right way and this happens only because of the honest content. Followers trust influencers’ product or service recommendations and this, in turn, helps in building the trust for the brand.

Sounds magical right?

If an influencer posts a video review, usage review or photos of the product on their social media handle, Customers will consider buying since this is told by their trusted influencer. 


When an influencer mentions your brand product along with the social media and website links on their social media page, Customers will look into your websites to know a lot about your brand’s products and services. In this way, it will increase the audience engagement rate and website traffic.

This will not end here, there are possibilities where one could share your brand information with friends and relatives. Eventually, the brand’s visibility is also increased.

Influencer Marketing - increase audience engagement
Influencer Marketing – increase audience engagement


Nowadays, People wanted to know everything before they buy a product. After the 2020 Lockdown, everything is done online even shopping and most of them started to look for product reviews on social media platforms to make an informed decision.

Using this as an opportunity many brands started to build their store online with the help of Instagram. And to attract customers, brands collaborated with influencers. Since most the customers see Influencers as a reliable source of recommendations for the shopping.If an influencer writes a positive review because of the product’s amazing results, Customers will automatically buy products from your brand and not forget that reviews must be honest.

Collaborating with influencers will always bring good results for the brand. But brands have to make the right decision in choosing the influencers or else it will be bad. 

Choosing the right influencers doesn’t depend on the follower count. A mega influencer with lakh followers may not bring the desired result since the engagement rate with the audience is low. Engagement rate is an important criterion because followers have high trust than the influencers with a low engagement rate. Even Nano or micro Influencers have high engagement rate than celebrity influencers.

Apart from this, Niche is also important in choosing the right influencer for the brand. If you want to market your beauty product, you should approach beauty influencers who are highly knowledgeable about their niche. You cannot approach food influencers to market the beauty products of the brand it doesn’t make sense at all.

Influencer marketing always has the future and power to convert the start-up into a well-renowned business in a few years. Because you will reach the customers through strong influencers and a consistent presence on social media platforms.

As a brand, all you have to do is to choose the right influencer for the brand rest will be a success.If you are struggling in finding the right influencers for the brand, we at Chennai Influencers have an experienced team to help you in collaborating with the right influencers according to your niche. You will feel success in all influencer marketing campaigns due to the magical wonders done by us.        

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